Stainless Steel Door Fitting Profile Cylinder Rosette for House Doors KH200802

Type: Furniture Handle & Knob
Handle Size:  D19 x 135 x 60mm
Base size: 53×53×8.0mm
Packaging dimensions: 18.2 x 16.6 x 6.2 cm
Material: stainless steel
Pattern profile: cylinder
Finish: Polished
Color: Sliver

We design and manufacture variety of door handles: stainless steel handle, aluminum handle, zamak/zinc alloy handle and PVC handle. We cooperate with supermarkets, door and window factories, distributor of hardware, handle manufacturer.


Stainless steel door fitting profile cylinder rosette for house doors KH200802



Type: Furniture Handle & Knob
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
Model Number: KH200802
Material: Stainless Steel
Item: Intelliware KH200802 Stainless Steel Door Handle
Stainless Steel Handle Description: hollow tube lever handle on round rose
Stainless Steel Handle Size: D19 x 135 x 60mm
Stainless Steel Handle Rose Size: 53 x 53 x 8.0mm
Stainless Steel Handle Spindle: Supplied with 8 x 8 x 100mm (110mm or 120mm also available)
Stainless Steel Handle Test: 120 hours SST
Stainless Steel Handle Function: interior or exterior doors
Stainless Steel Handle Key Hole: Euro cylinder hole etc