OEM Lever Types Decorative Door Handle  2K260

Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Size:125 x 60 x 1,0mm
Base size: 50 x 8,0 x 0,6mm
Color: silver
Finish: Polished
Function: Strong spring lever
Suitable: for door 41-49mm thickness
NO. 2K260

We design and manufacture variety of door handles: stainless steel handle, aluminum handle, zamak/zinc alloy handle and PVC handle. We cooperate with supermarkets, door and window factories, distributor of hardware, handle manufacturer.


OEM lever types decorative door handle  2K260

Brand Intelliware
Material Stainless steel
Handle size 125 x 60 x 1,0mm
Base size 50 x 8,0 x 0,6mm
Key Hole on Plate Cylinder Hole, Lever Key Hole, Bathroom Latch Hole
Availability Available
Style Classic
Face Type Rose
Color Silver F1
Finish Polished
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