Euro Profile Gate Door Hardware with Cylinder Hole 2K244

Material: Stainless Steel
Handle Size:130x62x1.0 mm
Base size:  220x45x8.5×0.8 mm
Color: silver
Finish: Polished
Function: Strong spring lever
Suitable: for door 41-49mm thickness
NO. 2K244

We design and manufacture variety of door handles: stainless steel handle, aluminum handle, zamak/zinc alloy handle and PVC handle. We cooperate with supermarkets, door and window factories, distributor of hardware, handle manufacturer.


Euro profile gate door hardware with cylinder hole Art.2K244

Brand: Intelliware
Material: Stainless steel
Handle size: 130x62x1.0 mm
Outer plate size: 220x45x8.5×0.8 mm
Key Hole on Plate: Cylinder Hole, Lever Key Hole, Bathroom Latch Hole
Availability: Available
Style: Classic
Face Type: Long plate
Color: Silver F1
Finish: Polished
Sample: For free