Electric Rim Door Lock Body For Apartment Door Lock 1K1012

Lock Size:147 x 105mm
Latch bolt:Brass latch
Dead bolt:Brass deadbolt
Electric control button:red button
Lock cylinder:Brass
Art. No.: 1K1012

We specialize in door lock body manufacture since1995. Door lock is our featured product in recent years. Our lock body is mainly supplied to countries of Europe and Middle East market.

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Rim Lock Body 1K1012

Latch Bolt: Brass latchbolt

Dead Bolt:One square brass dead bolt(1 turn)


Lock Case:Steel lock case with grey powder coating
Lock method:Lock and unlock with key and button

Matching:Suitable for apartment exterior doors
Accessories:With iron wood screws zinc plated, strike box and 3 keys



Depending of the pivot direction of a door, a door is classified as a left and right hand door.

The door direction or side definition according to DIN 107 is determined as follows:

Visible position of the door hinges

On the left = DIN left

Visible position of the door hinges

On the right = DIN right