Eight Position Cam Lock Cylinder 1K2047

Surface: Brushed Nickel
Length: 45mm
Pin: 5 pins
Keys: S-groove Brass keys
NO. 1K2047

For nearly 20 years, we focus on different cylinder manufacture including euro profile cylinder, half cylinder, master keyed cylinder made of different materials. Most of our cylinder is supplied to Europe, Middle East and America market.


Eight Position Cam Lock Cylinder 1K2047

1.Product Specification:

1. Product item: 1K2047
2.Brand: Intelliware
3.Cylinder length: 45mm
4.Cam radius: 30°
5.Diameter available 16.9mm
6.Cylinder height: 32.80mm
7.Bolt: M5*45/50/55/60
8.Key: nickel plated S-groove Brass keys

2.Size for Cylinders ( Custom Accepted):

35mm 25/10
40mm 30/10
45mm 35/10
50mm 40/10
55mm 45/10
60mm 50/10
65mm 55/10

3.Display of Cylinders

4.Series of Product Display