Window Handle

Intelliware high quality designed window handle

Intelliware offers a wide variety of window handles for a wide variety of window materials, and we are happy to work with our customers to design new window handles for different types of windows.We provide several kinds of window handles:Aluminium,zinc alloy,stainless steel,steel.In this way, we can meet all kinds of customer needs.
We are able to provide OEM and ODM services to customers’ requirements. Many years of experience and a wide variety of product requirements from different regions enable us to do it. In addition, our products have 100% quality guarantee, and we provide 180 days free return and exchange service for any products.

Our handlebars are more than just doors and Windows.Adhering to Intelliware’s “mak the world safer” philosophy, our proprietary technology improves not only comfort but also safety.Next you can see many of our technological innovations, you can certainly find the handle to meet your needs.

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