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Benefits of Composite Doors

Composite doors are one of the newer additions to the options available for home doors and have quickly

Master key door lock system

Many locks come with a master key if required, most commonly for caretakers or building owners who require

What is the most secure door lock?

There are a number of ways to manipulate door locks in order to gain unauthorised access. Lock picking,

Intelliware Cylinder complys with requirement of EN1303

KEPT INDUSTRY CO.,LTD, is pleased to announce that one of our standard Euro Profile Lock Cylinder fits applicable

How to replace security door handle when it is broken ?

Door handle is an accessory that is used to facilitate people to open and close the door, frequent

Lock maintenance skills that must be understood these years

In the daily use of locks, there will always be a variety of problems. In order to maintain

How to remove the dirt on hardware effectively?

In order to meet the operation requirements of lubrication and heat dissipation, metal processing auxiliaries such as stamping

Considering six points when purchasing hardware locks

There are many kinds of hardware locks in the market. For locks, they are divided into door lock,

What kind of door hardware is the best quality

People is right now household comfortable level requirement is higher and higher, the lazy type life style that

Door Lock Cylinder Master Key System

Master key system is an important part of the lock cylinder. As a mechanical access control system, it
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